With over 20 years experience in the art and tattoo community with creative dedication like no other, we strive to give you the very best in design and execution of your inspiration.


For over 22 years I have strived to give my clients a clean, safe and sterile environment in which to get tattooed.

From custom work like tattoos and hand-painted skateboards to children’s book art, logo design, and professional illustration, my goal has always been to deliver the highest quality possible. I am blessed to be able to do what I love for a living.

Let’s bring your dreams to life and make your vision a reality!


Specializing in a wide array of creative pallettes for your tattoo needs ranging from high impact full color to intricate detail heavy line work. We have something for everyone!


When it comes to laying down the ink we have experience in all forms of illustration from comics to fantasy! Thus, letting us create one of kind memories while indulging your imagination!


Art comes in all forms as well as passion and it shows in our ability to fit your design needs ranging from logos to merch. Your one stop shop to help build your brand!



  • Leave Dry-Lock bandage on for a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours. This allows your skin to build up its protective layer against bacteria and germs. When you remove the bandage there will be ink on it — this is normal!
  • Wash hands with a mild antibacterial soap before removing bandage. Never re-bandage tattoo. Wash tattoo with a neutral soap such as Dove or Dial. Gently use your hands to rub soap over tattoo, washing in a circular motion. Never use a washcloth. Always wash hands before cleaning tattoo.
  • Pat dry tattoo with a towel. Never rub your tattoo dry. This will help avoid pulling any of the ink out of the skin that may be attached to a scab.
  • Clean your tattoo 2 to 3 times a day until healed.
  • When the tattoo begins to scab and dry out, apply lotion. You want to keep the tattoo moist but not wet. When choosing a lotion you must choose one with no fragrances or dyes. We recommend that you use Lubriderm or Curel, which are both a basic dry skin lotion with no additives that may react with your tattoo. We have found that some intensive dry skin lotions contain additives that react with tattoo ink causing the ink to reject.
  • Average healing time is anywhere from 7 to 14 days, but can take up to a month


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